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What is the difference between IQ and EQ?

IQ is a well credited means of testing intelligence that has more than 100 years of science backing it. IQ measures the only type of intelligence, which is generalised intelligence which has two subtypes. Fluid, which is your innate ability to reason that peaks in your early adulthood and slowly drops as you get older. Crystalized is the other type and this is your learnt abilities i.e. vocabulary, general knowledge and numerical skills. This continues to grow through out your life until it starts to decline age 60ish.

EQ is entirely a baseless invention by a Psychology populariser back in the 1980’s that has zero empirical evidence backing it, nor was it even put together as a result of some research. Emotional skills are not a form of intelligence. Intelligence which has been defined above is your ability to process information. Being able to manage emotions has correlations with higher levels of intelligence anyway, so EQ is not really needed even if it was a thing. It’s been latched onto by the business class and media as being legitimate, but the sources they use to back it up are not expert. No serious Psychometrician or therapist uses EQ in any official way. It seems to be used by people who dislike IQ as it is a static measurement that is very accurate and a reliable predictor of many areas of outcome including emotional life.

The only thing in Psychology close to EQ is Neuroticism on the big five test. This again is not a form of intelligence. Being able to manage being highly neurotic does require someone with good rationality, again IQ would be the determiner of that. People of lower intelligence can learn to manage very well, but it usually takes longer because being more intelligent means you learn faster. Thing is, we live in a wild and diverse universe where millions of people are born less fortunate than others. It’s just the cold harsh nature of reality that some people are born smarter than others. There is a wanting to deny that within the attempts to legitimize EQ, it’s called a moralistic fallacy.

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